Easter Bunny Wisdom (4/5/15)

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21:57 – A Sunday talk from The Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey by Rev. Michelle Wadleigh.

When we suspend our criticism and our cynicism, we make room for ideas that are FRESH, RENEWING and ALIVE. Let’s celebrate our ALIVENESS today with the sweet innocence that we witness while watching a bunny hop, a flower grow or a baby as she finds her feet for the first time.

Please note: All recordings are copyrighted by the author.

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One thought on “Easter Bunny Wisdom (4/5/15)

  1. Thank you, CSLNJ, for being with me wherever I go! First, in my consciousness, then, in my heart, and now, on my computer! I have not accessed the podcasts until now, for whatever reason, but, I am so happy that my heart reminded me that I don’t have to leave the Sunday Celebrations behind me or on hold until I return! Hearing Rev Michelle’s voice and wisdom, and the sound of our congregation in the background!! This is so cool!!! I send you all so much love and cherry blossoms from Japan, and the joy of the promise of Spring! Happy me! Love and Grace, always! Namaste. Ty

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