What You See is What You GET! (5/18/14)

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23:38 – A Sunday talk from The Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey by Rev. Michelle Wadleigh.

It is easy to understand why our individual worlds are created once we take a long, close and honest look at what we value. Our values determine our world. What do you value?

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One thought on “What You See is What You GET! (5/18/14)

  1. I needed to here that today. My Spirit led me to tune in and that topic struck me. I had a similar experience almost two years ago, and my knowledge and practice of the teachings are allowing me to be ok with it and see through the fog, cause I was pissed and could not get over myself. I’m realizing that this is an every second of the day walk, not just a talk and it involves the whole and there are times when I need to stop, get out of the cloud and look around my individual earth,face facts, apply truth and be finally grounded on the planet for the greater good of all. This did not feel great at all and was not easy, but was inevitable. I am learning to let go, to be love in unlovable situations and to love beyond it all. Wisdom and authenticity are definite by products of my choice to love me more completely. I have begun the long overdue process of caring for Beryl first and doing what she always wanted to do for herself. I am really getting it that I matter, I count. Thanks to you Rev Michelle and congrats on your new book. I love you.

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