What Good I AM! (10/14/12)

Recorded Sunday, October 14, 2012.

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20:14 – A Sunday talk from The Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey by Rev. Michelle Wadleigh.

The question is usually, “What Good Am I?” which leads us down a dark road.  But TURN the question into an affirmation such as: “What Good I AM!” and everything changes!

Let’s change this together.

Please note: All recordings are copyrighted by the author.


One thought on “What Good I AM! (10/14/12)

  1. We are asking our community for prayers for our grandson, Dylan Eli Lipton Lesser who is 8months old and premie adjusted age 5 months who is hydrocyphalic and just had an emergency brain surgery to adjust his shunt to keep him alive for another major surgery in 4 days. He is a miracle baby. This is his sixth surgery?

    Rob and I may or may not be at the center today Much gratitude Namaste to all

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